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Web Site Hosting

We provide web site hosting and web site design services for the whole of Nigeria and the African continent.


Why Signup?

Why signup for an account? What do you stand to gain? What are the benefits of becoming a member?


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People looking for products or services you sell visit the internet to search for them. If you do not have a web presence, a web site, you're missing an opportunity to make MORE money selling your products or services. We help you solve that problem.



Small Business Web Site Hosting And Website Design – Nigeria Internet Business Network

Sell Online! Make Money From The Internet!

No Credit Card Required. No Experience Required.

The Erimama web site hosting network offers small business web site hosting and web site design services to customers in Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

We build database driven, WordPress powered websites for our customers.

Wait. Why have a web site?

A web site enables YOU (and your business) to reach hundreds of potential customers who need your products or services with a consistent message available online 24/7 and, therefore, make MORE SALES and MORE MONEY selling your products or services online.

Want to sell more of your products or services?

Want to reach MORE PEOPLE with your message?

Want to attract MORE patronage for your cause or project?

Get a WordPress powered web site from us!

The best part is . . . No credit card is required. And No experience is required. We build your web site for you!

The Small Business Challenge

Most small businesses have a peculiar challenge: They do not have millions of Naira to spend on advertising like big companies do.

Big companies spend millions of Naira advertising on television, radio and the print media to attract patronage and sell their products and services.

Unfortunately, small businesses do not have that luxury.

That is why having a personal or business website is very important.

A personal or business website gives everyone a level playing field.

A web site enables anyone from anywhere in Nigeria, Africa and the world to showcase their products, services, talents or skill to the world and attract potential customers or people of like minds.

Struggling to increase your customer base and grow your business?

Simply signup for an account and activate your account by paying the web hosting and website design package cost.

Low Cost Website Design For Nigeria And Africa

The good news is . . . we offer low cost, affordable web site development services.

Our goal?

To provide residents of Nigeria and Africa a cost-effective way to sell online or sell through the internet, attract more patronage, more sales, and make more profit.

In simple words . . . we want you to make MORE money!

What if you don’t have a product or service to sell?

Simple. Order a personal website where you show case your skills, interests, passion . . . a website that attracts people who share similar interests, people you can connect with through your very own website and establish long-term personal or business relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

Yes, having a web site is the bomb!


How much do you need to get your own website?

Just 9,500 Naira (or $58 USD) only.

With just 9,500 Naira you will get . . .

1. Your own unique domain name e.g. www.my-company-name.com

2. You will get 24/7/365 days web site hosting and

3. A beautiful 4-page web site show casing your products, services, hobby, or skills

Start Your Own Internet Business!

The Erimama small business web site hosting offers YOU a unique opportunity to start your very own internet business . . . an online business that generates ongoing long-term income for you.

Guess what.

When you host your personal or business web site with us, you also get the unique opportunity to earn bonuses from our membership reward system . . . a unique home business income opportunity.

Yes! It’s income for you all the way!

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